Requests for Proposals & Tenders (Bids) for Cultural Projects in Jerusalem

This is a list of tenders (מכרזים) and requests for proposals (קול קורא) published by the Jerusalem Municipality and other organizations for participation in the city’s festivals and events as well as other cultural projects.

What are “michrazim” and “kol kor’im”? 

A michraz is a contract advertised by the iriya/government which anyone is welcome to send a proposal for. It can be for anything from architecture projects to managing a website.

A kol koreh is a call for people to apply to participate in different projects in the city. For example, there might be a kol koreh to be one of the artists at the Light Festival (I am not sure if there is).

Please note: This list may not be complete and it is important to check the original web pages for up to date information. Also, please email me ( if you find michrazim or kol korehs which are not included in this list. Thanks!

Art Installations in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Development Authority and the Jerusalem and Heritage Office invites the public to propose the creation of art installations in the public spaces of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Chosen project managers will receive up to 25,000NIS per installation. They will also receive professional guidance and assistance with marketing as well as being placed in a map of the Old City with the installations.

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Jerusalem Foundation Request for Proposals for Cultural Projects in 2018 | Deadline: Sept. 19, 2017

The Jerusalem Foundation is requesting proposals for cultural projects to take place in 2018. Projects could be things like: events, exhibitions, festivals, etc. The accepted projects will receive funds of 50,000-120,000NIS.

Questions deadline: Sept. 10, 2017

Q&A regarding this request for proposals (this is important to follow since the questions asked sometimes lead to slight changes in the request for proposals)

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