This evening, Sunday April 23 2017, the city will close down early, shops and restaurants will shut their doors and everyone will find their personal way to memorialize the millions unfathomably and viciously murdered during World War II for being Jewish. Israeli television offers program after program about Holocaust survivors, the music on the radio is solemn, Yad Vashem holds their annual state ceremony and people gather in each other’s homes to hear personal testimonials from survivors.

Please note: Tomorrow, Monday April 24, at 10am, a siren will sound for 1 minute, when people throughout the country stop what they’re doing and stand in silence in honor and memory of the Holocaust victims.

Here is an overview of what is going on in Jerusalem Sunday-Monday, April 23-24, 2017 for Yom Hashoah:

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem, the world Holocaust center in Jerusalem, is the center of the Yom Hashoah memorial events.

The central state ceremony: The state ceremony takes place on Sunday evening at 8pm in the presence of Israel’s dignitaries. The ceremony is in Hebrew and is open by invitation only but you can view it live online with English translation here.

Yad Vashem has a mini site about this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day which you can view here.

Open hours: Entrance to Yad Vashem is always free. The hours on Yom Hashoah are: Sunday April 23 until noon, Monday April 24 9am-6:30pm. Get more details here.

Tours & presentations: There are a number of tours and presentations throughout the day on Monday April 24. All events are in Hebrew. See the complete list in English here.

Sunday, April 23 2017

Below is a listing of the meetups and events happening around Jerusalem Sunday night. All the events are in Hebrew unless otherwise specified:

FYI: Zikaron Basalon (mentioned a few times above) is a beautiful, relatively new, initiative which brings together small groups in intimate settings throughout Jerusalem and Israel to meet with Holocaust survivors and hear their stories. Most Zikaron Basalon events also include some music. (Keep in mind for next year that you can apply to be a host.)

Monday, April 24 2017

Photos are taken at Yad Vashem by Enno Raschke