*Oh sh!t, now what?*
*We will survive!!!!*
*Can I go hide now?*

Nati and I spent the last few months at JLMvibe working hard on a B2B (business-to-business) business model: we offered customized listings of events to programs that bring people to Jerusalem for short periods of time (anywhere from a few weeks to a year). We also offer(ed) to manage the event calendars of local websites (which will remain nameless).

Not sure what a “customized listings of events” is? You can see an example here (we’re very proud of it).

We systematically worked through a list of leads, explaining what we had to offer, discussing their needs and sometimes getting as far as a quote.

But in the end nothing stuck. Nati does manage the Jerusalem nightlife app which is totally up our alley and there are some leads that still might come around, but in general the feeling is, people currently don’t put enough importance on the type of content we create in order to pay (what we need) for it.

And so we’re “pivoting.” It’s tough. It’s disheartening. It’s scary. But it’s time for us to try something different.

We aren’t totally sure what this pivot is going to look like but it’s probably going to be something along the lines of:

  1. Each of us finding a job
  2. Starting a JLMvibe events calendar

See, that’s really what we want to do, but it’s such a complicated task for a myriad of reasons (a topic for another post) that we didn’t feel ready for it. Truthfully, we still have many things to figure out. For example, we need to start with a very small number of events per day and you guys have no idea how hard it is to choose one event over others:(. But we just don’t see much other choice at this point.

We want to make Jerusalem’s culture accessible to all, which we see as a lofty and important goal, and if so far we haven’t found anyone to give us a platform and backing for it, then we’ll have to do it ourselves. We’ll start small, build up gradually and continue doing our best to share Jerusalem’s culture with all who are willing to listen.

Wish us luck. 🙂

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