This post about places to learn and dance salsa and other Latin dances around Jerusalem was graciously compiled and written by Gidi Haran.

So after seeing quite a bit of comments on Things to do in Jerusalem asking about salsa lessons and salsa parties in Jerusalem, I will give you all a quick overview of what the options are in Jerusalem regarding these events.

Media Noche

First up is Media Noche. It is basically a free social salsa lesson + party. This isn’t a “club” – the atmosphere is 100% casual and the audience is rather wide but it is mostly composed of university students. There are two “branches” of this in Jerusalem: one in the community center of French Hill, every Monday evening. The second branch is within the Givat Ram university campus, every Wednesday evening.
Media Noche French Hill
Media Noche Givat Ram

Capital Latina

Another option is Captial Latina Dance Studio at “Beit Hanoar Haivri” on Herzog street, every Tuesday and Saturday evenings. They are strictly LA Style and the staff and people there are very friendly, making it a fun place all around.
Capital Latina

La Diabla

This is a relatively new salsa\bachata place in Hadar Mall in Talpiot. Wednesday is Salsa, Saturday is Bachata. Starts at around 9pm.
La Diabla on Facebook

That’s about it. Be in touch with the places for more in depth information!