A pretty out-of-the-(pizza)-box choice for a J-Town Playhouse (housed in the AACI) production, Pizza Man is full of hysterical moments balanced with deeply worrisome ones between a girl who’s sick of always doing the right thing and takes it to a disturbing opposite extreme, the ditzy roommate who has a few fleeting wise moments, and the guy who seems capable of remaining a jerk (at least in my estimation) even with his hands tied behind his back.

This play is definitely about control and what each character does when he or she shifts between having it and losing it. It also might have a feminist angle or at least a feminist sub-theme – but that was up for heated debate last night.

Not for the faint of soul nor those who don’t appreciate dirty language and plenty of sexual innuendo, I do recommend seeing this production if you’re looking for a thought provoking, unconventional play with good acting and a compelling story.

Every show is followed by a panel with the cast, the directors and someone from the community. Last night we heard from Yehudit Sidikman, cofounder and CEO of El Halev, an NGO dedicated to individual empowerment and social change through martial arts and self-defense, mainly for women.

Kudos to the artistic director Rafi Poch, director Jeremy Saltan, assistant director Eryn London and the actors Layla Schwartz, Eileen Eisenberg and Pascal Carlier.


Remaining showings: June 10 (today!), 11, 16, and 17 at 8pm.

Ticket price: 70 NIS

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Photo by Ita Arbit