Jerusalem's Cultural Events Concierge
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Give your program participants the key to explore the cultural fabric of Jerusalem independently.

The Problem

Visitors to Jerusalem want to tap into the local culture but, for many reasons, the majority of the city’s rich and diverse events scene remains beyond reach.

The Solution

JLMvibe’s event listings, which are customized for your organization, will give your program participants the independence to explore the city in a fun and exciting way.

Our Service Is Perfect For...

Internship Program

Internship Programs

International Student Programs

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We believe that Jerusalem’s events are an amazing invitation to tap into the city's different cultures. Don't miss the opportunity!

How We Work

1) We are constantly up to date on the goings-on in Jerusalem.

2) We decide with you on the focuses of your weekly event listings.

3) We send you weekly customized, user-friendly listings of cultural events in Jerusalem as beautiful, printable PDFs and/or as text ready for your website.

4) You open up the world of Jerusalem’s fascinating contemporary culture to your participants via your website, newsletter or in print.


Prices start at 1,720 NIS / month (for 10 events per week / around 40 events per month)

* The service is provided as weekly event listings received on Thursdays as printable PDFs or text for your website.

* Prices are calculated according to number of events per week.

Hi, we're JLMvibe!

Nati and Deena founded JLMvibe in order to help people discover the hidden cultural fabric of the city. We hope you’ll join us on our mission.
Deena Levenstein

Deena Levenstein is originally from Toronto, Canada and has been living in Jerusalem, for the most part, since 1990. After a three-year stint in Vancouver, she returned to Jerusalem where she managed the English websites for The Israel Museum, iTravelJerusalem and Ha’ira.

In June 2014 she started Things to do in Jerusalem, a Facebook group, where she shares information about handpicked cultural events in the city. Today thousands of people find out what’s doing in Jerusalem via her group.

Netanel Orbach

Netanel Orbach, originally from Ashkelon on Israel’s Mediterranean coastline, was enamored by Jerusalem’s music scene from a young age. For two years he wrote 02Link, a newsletter-turned-blog summarizing every news item about Jerusalem and he hosted a radio show about the city’s underground music scene.

He founded and ran JLM.FM, the radio station which connects people to the creative sides of the city. In the Jerusalem Municipality he was the events calendar coordinator following which he managed Ha’ira with Deena. Today he manages the city’s new Night Guide app.

Please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you shortly.

You can also email us at deenalev@gmail.com.

Curious about the photos?

All the photos on this page were taken by us at different cultural events around the city. In order the photos are of an A-Wa concert at Liberty Bell Park’s outdoor theater, Hamazkeka, a venue of live indie music, the Rosenbach Contemporary art gallery and, of course, the Yellow Submarine. Just a few of the awesome cultural options in Jerusalem…

And a special thank you to Aleksandra Wolska for the adorable icons.

Nati & Deena